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Change is inevitable, it is scary and it can be very exciting. Why do we as human beings need and want change? Good change is "growth". It is the path which allows us to feel complete and whole. When we have reached a point in our lives where we feel uninspired; where we feel stagnate then we stop growing intellectually, socially and emotionally. This stagnation can lead to depression, isolation, self-deprecating behavior, low self esteem, low energy, fatigue and sometimes anger. These feelings can cause us to become self-destructive and result in our lives "changing" regardless if we want the change or not. And usually, this type of change is not in our best interest financially, emotionally and socially. Change is good if it's under conditions we have chosen and have some sort of control over.

When we feel that change is needed we need to do a self-inventory of ourselves. I didn’t realize that I needed change until "the Universe", "God", "my Higher Power" decided for me. I was a model employee, producing above expectation and performing well. But 5 days a week I awoke with sadness, tears, resentment and anger. I struggled to get out of bed and each night I fell into bed depressed and uninspired. Then one day I went to work and found out that I had been laid off. I was devastated, fearful of how I would support myself. I had spent a good portion of my adult life climbing that proverbial ladder that I forgot about living. After the shock of being laid off wore off, I found myself crawling into my cave of chocolate, pajamas and DVD's, not engaging in life at all. Then, I woke up one morning and did a "SELF INVENTORY". I asked myself some hard questions like...what did I want out of life? What was important to me?, What mattered most to me? I also asked myself What "dreams" did I have? (regardless of how trivial they may seem, I wrote everything down). I found that when I tore away the bonds of fear, conformity, and expectation that I could do ANYTHING. Whether I succeeded or failed, I wanted to at least "try". This started me down the path of "Living". Now I live by a code which is: "I control my destiny" in conjunction with God's plan for me, of course! So, why do you want change? Is it because it was thrust upon you like a heavy burden or because you want the best life you can have? Let HÓZHÓ Life and Empowerment Coaching be that guide down the path you want to choose for yourself.


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