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Military Services

Serving those who served is an important facet of what makes Hozho Behavioral Health unique from other veteran resources.  As family of a Korean War Marine Corps Disabled Veteran, Mrs. Moya has spent her entire life being taught to always give back in acts of services and charity. When this practice was conceptualized, it was done so knowing that Military and their families would be the corner stone of the practice.  Below are some services that are currently being offered to Military and their families.​

1.  Record Review and Letters Supporting Diagnosis Related to a Service Connected Disability.

2.  Assessment and Diagnosis in Support of a Service Connected Disability

3.  Record Review (without Supporting Letter) 

4.  Diagnostic Evaluation for Appeal to a Compensation & Pension Exam (C&P Exam).

5.  Individual and Family therapy addressing reintegration and civilian life integration.

6.  PTSD Specific Treatment Modalities in Psychotherapy Services.

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