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Lecture Series - 2022 Session #1

"Success is Victory Over Challenge"

$25/per person ​(speaker donation)

Please join us for a 60-minute educational session on a variety of topics presented by a variety of professionals.  These presenters have volunteered time out of their day to share their experience's and knowledge on a vast array of topics.

Topics include Finance, Real Estate Education, Retirement and Estate Planning, and much more.

Please follow the link for session details.



Real Love

$350/per person ​

This one day, 8 hour seminar, is offered to groups 20 to 40 seeking guidance and functional skills for their interpersonal relationships. Beginning with the basic key concepts of attitude, balance, respect, courage, faith, perseverance, self-belief, and truth, this seminar will challenge and expand one’s understanding through teaching and application. The morning begins with 2 consecutive seminars, followed by an afternoon group activity and will provide a dynamic, interactive, and energizing experience for all participants. Bag Lunch Provided


Couples Symposium Series


Black and Latino Couples Symposium

Young Love Symposium

Military Couples Symposium

Pricing - 

This 2-1/2 day symposium will focus on the "bonds" that fortify a strong relationship.  This symposium will go in-depth into the functional skills that are required to have a relationship that can last through life's many challenges.  Hands on activities will be incorporated into the symposium to allow for fun use of the skills learned.  Breakout sessions will allow for partners to understand their relationship needs and the communication strategies needed to verbalize those needs.  This symposium is designed to meet the unique challenges of Military Couples, Young Couples and Black/Latino Couples.  

Space is limited so please register early.


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